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Welcome to the Training Hub

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The Hub Has Changed

Before the Summer holidays Together for children moved their courses to their own website here. That is not the end of the course booking system though.

The new independent hub is now available for schools and external providers to list their own courses. We have taken the opportunity to streamline and update the system to offer a much smoother course booking experience. Over the coming months, Knetic Education and selected partners will continue to provide a comprehensive range of standard and bespoke school improvement services, designed to raise the achievement of children by improving the quality of leadership, teaching and support in schools, academies and other educational settings.


The key differences in the service moving forward are as follows.

  • We're totally independent - This site is totally owned and operated by Knetic Education so we don't mind who wants to list courses here so long as they are of benefit to schools
  • Courses can be listed by anyone - simply create a login and apply to have course listing privileges applied to your account and you can add your own courses to the system. You can automatically manage bookings, take payments and generate tickets and sign in sheets.
  • No longer just Sunderland - for all the site is called the Sunderland Hub we want to offer courses to a wider range of school and a wider range of courses to Sunderland schools. We're all about connecting people that want to improve their practice with the CPD that helps them do that.
  • In order to continue providing the service, we do need to cover our costs. There will be a small charge for listing a course or applying to be a course lister. Prices will depend on the number of courses you want to list.

 To discuss listing courses on this site, please contact us or call 0191 228 6955 (Mark Lloyd - Site Manager)