About the Schools' Forum


A Schools Forum is a statutory body prescribed by regulations.  Its membership comprises Headteachers, Governors and others.  It is independent of the Authority but works closely with officers.  Its role has evolved since it was first established in 2002 with the Forum now having greater decision making powers.  The Forum represents the views of schools with respect to the use of the Direct Schools Grant (DSG) and funding of schools in the area.

How is the Schools Forum made up?

The representation is detailed in the document below: -




Workplan 2016-17 (September 2016)

Workplan 2016-17 (as agreed September 2016)

 What does the Schools Forum do?

The Local Authority is required to consult the Schools Forum in relation to changes to the authority's school funding formula and other financial matters.  Among other matters, the Schools Forum considers applications for licensed surpluses from schools in the area, takes decisions on the Authority's Central Expenditure Limit and agrees any variations relating to Early Years single funding formula.  

For a summary of the respective roles of the Local Authority, Schools Forum and Department for Education see here