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Exciting news - From March this year The Learning Technologies Innovation Team will become Knetic Education

Mark and Jane are highly experienced teachers who over the years have gained accreditation in a number of areas. Because of this we are able to offer you the highest quality support. We work on a cost recovery model so the team is only able to exist thanks to the subscription fees paid by Sunderland schools. We are proud to say that this means that the service is truly owned by you. Whether you buy in or nit we can work with you but naturally our subscribers get the gold standard from us. If you want more information on the benefits of subscribing take a look the the article below.

Team Accreditations Include


adobeeducationtrainer As Adobe Education Trainers we deliver training in Adobe products like Photoshop & Premiere to students and teachers.

get  We can give advice to schools who are thinking of going for their ICT mark

Lead-Practitioner-FINAL We are Lead Practitioners with the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust -
We also deliver training around the country for the Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme. 

RTC As an RTC we deliver courses that help teachers to make the best use of Apple technologies for learning


As CEOP Ambassdors we are traiined to deliver CEOP accredited e-safety training



AET Schools who have bough devices qualify for free training through the Apple Education Trainer programme. You can also buy in Apple developed courses through this programme for your school.


 Given that this is a great period of change for schools, and there are real challenges faced in moving toward the Computing Curriculum, School Improvement have agreed to make a salary contribution too. We are both delighted to have this opportunity to work with School Improvement to develop the service further.

Things are really looking up for the team now, our ICT coordinators update meetings are becoming more and more popular, we have a number of schools and making use of our ICT audits, support for schools introducing mobile devices has really taken off and schools continue to make use of our e-Safety advice and training.

This is not the end of the story however, like any service we rely on you buying in for us to be able to continue. From looking at how we have operated over the past year it seems that schools are most likely to book us a month or two before they want to use us. As you can imagine this makes it difficult for us to demonstrate that we have enough take-up of the service long term. If you think that your school will want to make use of our services in the coming months please get in touch. We would also like to offer all schools a free needs assessment meeting where we will come out and spend an hour or so discussing your vision for using learning technologies and how we can support you to achieve this. Please contact us if you feel you would benefit from a discussion.

We have big plans to grow the service moving forward in the light of feedback we have had from schools. we are currently:-


  • Working with ICT leads to produce a new computing curriculum for Sunderland Schools
  • Establishing our base at Monkwearmouth School to allow us to have classes in and run CPD courses
  • Re-launching our Apple Regional Training Centre with training specific to schools who want to use Apple technologies in the classroom
  • Establishing a mobile device user group to support schools making use of iPads and other devices


Learning Technologies Team Subscription

Learning Technologies Innovation Team abstract Jane & Mark in the Learning Technologies Innovation Team are available to work with you to identify the support you need to realise your vision for making effective use of teachnoligies for learning in your school. They are happy to meet with you to explore options for how you might move things forward in your school.


Our service is highly bespoke – responding to the needs of individual schools - typical services on offer from us include:

  • Giving support to Head teachers and subject leaders to shape the future direction for using learning technologies in school
  • Support in creating ICT/Computing development plans for the school
  • Working with teaching staff to implement curriculum change and plan for delivery of the ICT/ Computing curriculum.
  • Carrying out an “ICT for teaching and learning” assessment to establish where best to invest time and resources
  • Delivering ICT days to children in schools covering a variety of topics, such as use of mobile devices, sensing & control, digital photography, film making and stop-motion animation. These can be in school or at our new base “110” at Monkwearmouth School
  • Delivering e-safety advice to schools, workshops and assemblies for learners and accredited CEOP training for staff to help schools meet e-safety targets
  • Intervention work for schools dealing with e-safety issues
  • Managing the introduction of mobile devices from initial identification of need, through procurement to deployment and CPD for users
  • Support towards gaining the NAACE ICT mark accreditation
  • Support in developing DFE and OFSTED compliant websites
  • Support in developing the safe use of social media to improve communication with parents
  • Assisting schools in facilitating film-making projects with students and providing video recording services for school productions
  • Bespoke CPD to promote the effective use of learning technologies.
  • Assistance with establishing a “Digital Leaders” programme in your school

Previously schools engaged with the service on a "pay as you go" basis. Sadly this method of working did not account for the amount of work the team do at a strategic level. In order to help maintian the services of the team the subscription option was agreed at headteacher cluster meetings. It was widely regarded as the best method of providing funding for the work that Mark and Jane do that cannot be attributed to an individual school. 

It was widely agreed that making a small contribution - by way of a membership fee - would be beneficial in supporting the team in strategic work for the benefit of all schools. The membership charges were agreed as £300 per school and 60p per student.

It was also agreed that that should a school not buy in they should be charged a premium if they need to engage the services of the team and that there should be other benefits of membership

Membership will also give you:


  • An initial needs assessment meeting to discuss how we can support you in developing a vision for the effective use of learning technologies
  • An audit of your current e-safety provision
  • Checking your website for DFE and OFSTED compliance.
  • Access to our loan resource bank
  • Access to ICT Co-ordinators’ network meetings
  • The ability to publish your school’s CPD courses via the Learning Hub.
  • Reduced rates for booking the services of the team
  • Package discounts on blocks of days bought in advance - four days for the price of three
  • Preferential access to events organised by the team
  • Reduced price CPD
  • Access to special members events
  • Unlimited telephone support


Pricing Structure





Annual Subscription Fee (payable in contract)

£300 per school + 60p per pupil

Subsequent Days (pay as you go)

Member £300 per day*/Non Member £400

Half days or twilight sessions (pay as you go)

Member £150 per session/Non Member £200

ICT Days – In your school

Member £300 per day*/Non-member £400

ICT Days at 110 our base at Monkwermouth

Member £200 per day*/Non Member £300

*Please note that a day rate does not include a twilight session these are chargeable at a half-day rate


ICT Meeting - 15th January - Using Audacity

Hi Gang


Hope you enjoyed the session on using audacity with your students. Here are the files we used for the tutorial in case you want to have a play at home.

You can download Audacity from here Remember if you want to eport as MP3 you will also need to install the LAME encoder - details of how to do that are here

If you would like any support from Jane and I in usuing Audacity in school please let us know.





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Using Audacity

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Considering iPads, iPods or Macs in your school

ThinkDifferentFor many years now the City Learning Centre has been an Apple Regional Training Centre (RTC)

This means that the staff are fully clued up with using Apple devices in education.
Recently we have been working with a number of schools who want to move toward incorporating Apple technologies in the classroom either helping with the techy bits of making the stuff work on your network or looking at how the devices can be used to augment your curriculum.


Whatever your aims we'd be delighted to meet you to discuss what the pleasures and pitfalls of going Mac are or simply to explore your options. You can contact Mark or Jane via the ICT helpdesk on 5532010 or email us via the contact form

Sunderland ICT Curriculum

We have begun to work on a new citywide ICT curriculum. After work completed at Hill View Infants and Diamond Hall Juniors we have a draft document which was discussed at the last ICT coordinators' meeting. 

We have agreed to work together to refine the curriculum over the coming weeks. The aim is to decide the following:-

  • Has everything been covered?
  • Do we want to add anything?
  • Is the progression of skills appropriately matched to year groups.

The aim is to use a digital badge system to organise key skills into manageable chunks and to help us to track student progress.

We have scheduled tow meetings to move the project forward on the 17th of June & 17th of July. In preparartion for the meetings can you have a look at the work done so far anf give us your feedback.

The timeline for getting things in place is as follows:-

  • Now till 17th June - receive initial feedback in preparation for meeting & make changes
  • 17th June split into key stage groups to discuss feedback and formally agree skills progression
  • 17th June to 17th July - opportunity for changes and feedback
  • 17th July - Final agreement of badge structure and allocate sections of scheme to be resourced
  • Over Summer - Generate resources to deliver the scheme
  • September meeting - bring along resources for discussion
  • Plan programme of CPD
  • Introduce badge system for assessment

We realise that this is an ambitious time frame but schools are telling us that they need this as soon as possible.


ICT Scheme



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