Sunderland Teep

What is Teep?

t1The Teacher Effectiveness Programme (TEEP) was set up in 2002 by the Gatsby Charity Foundation to develop a model of effective teaching and learning drawn from research into the best practice of highly effective teachers.

Highly effective teachers use a wide range of techniquies to engage and stimulate their students to not only learn well but also to develop the skills to be independant in their learning.

In Sunderland we have a number of trainined teachers who are working in schools to ensure that their students get the best possible learning experience.
We offer a range of courses for teachers from courses for individual teachers, based at the City Learning Centres, to on-site whole school courses. 

teep4Teep2We cover how to teach using the Teep model which includes the use of accelerated learning, thinking for learning, effective use of ICT, assessment for learning and collaborative group work. It also looks at how we can develop a positive classroom climate and effective learner behaviours.

Teep trained teachers become part of the local and national network to facilitate exchange of lesson ideas.

More information about Teep can be found here 
If you have recently completed a course and want to access the resources you can do so here.

Teep developed from the Project for Enhancing Teacher Effectiveness. You can find out more information about PEEL here

If you want to know more about Teep in Sunderland contact the Teep steering group via  Lorraine Johnson.