Grant to fund 1-2-1 access to technology for your students

e-Learning Foundation Grant Round 17


The e-Learning Foundation is pleased to invite affiliated schools (for 2012/2013) to apply to our new grants round.  The terms & conditions are different to previous rounds so applicants are advised to read carefully the details below.


What the grant is for

The grant is intended to help the e-Learning Foundation collect data from schools on the impact of 1:1 access in terms of learners’ outcome data before and after, using their standard measures of progress. Schools will be required to set out in their application the base data they will provide at the start, their forecast of how the children would normally be expected to progress, and the methodology to monitor pupils’ performance over an appropriate period of time.


We are also very interested in understanding how the Pupil Premium is being deployed in schools and we will want to know what role it plays in your e-learning programme.


Values have been set at £5,000 for Secondary Schools and £2,000 for Primary Schools.


We also have some funding specifically restricted to schools in the following areas:

Lambeth. Hackney, Westminster, Newcastle, Gateshead, Wiltshire and Suffolk.




The grant is restricted to schools that already have, or will have by the new school year, a programme that enables pupils to have 1:1 access to technology for at least one cohort (entire year group) of pupils.


We will only accept applications from schools whose affiliation is paid and up to date.  The application form is available from the e-Learning Foundation website:


Applying for a grant

Please read the detailed terms and conditions carefully, and discuss your proposal with your School Liaison Manager (SLM) before submitting your application.  Please then e-mail your application to your SLM.  Unless we have your application in digital format (Word, not PDF) it cannot be put forward for consideration.  Please do not send us a paper application by post or attach bulky attachments to your e-mailed application. Incomplete forms will be chased only once using the e-mail addresses provided on the application form.


Details of the Schools Liaison Manager for your area or local e-Learning Foundation are:


Birmingham:                                                        Ian McCall                             07932 374113

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


North & North Midlands                                          Dave Evans                              07826 844705

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




London and South East:                                          Ken Holloway                            07826 844708

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


South West and South Midlands:                            Peter Thorn-Davis              07826 844707

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


General enquiries:                                           Sandra Hutchings              01932 796685

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



The deadline for completed applications to be signed off by your School Liaison Manager is 5pm on 1st October 2012.  Please do not leave things to the last minute as the SLM may be unable to approve your application if several come in right at the end, as often happens.


The Grants Committee will review all valid applications and decisions will be announced within two weeks of them meeting.  You will receive an e-mail confirming the decision.


The first instalment of the grant must be claimed down absolutely no later than December 21st 2012 otherwise the grant will be withdrawn. The second instalment can be claimed when you send in the first significant evaluation data, likely to be at the end of the school year, but a school may feel a different time is more appropriate.


Other Terms and conditions

Grants cannot be used for retrospective activity. 


A separate application must be submitted for each school and must be endorsed by the Headteacher of the school.  Schools who are in a cluster must apply individually; there is no guarantee that all members of the cluster will be awarded a grant.


The decision of the Grants Committee is final; there is no appeals process but schools are welcome to re-apply in the next round and feedback will be provided.



Successful applicants will receive additional support and advice, if required, on the collection of their data from experts at the Institute of Education.


For schools that involve parental donations in their financial arrangements, the e-Learning Foundation can help reduce the administration of collecting one off or regular donations from parents through its’ Donation Management Service.  This service collects parental donations by direct debit, credit/debit card and one off cheques. Completed Gift Aid declarations from parents allow the charity to add 25% extra to the pot.  These are sometimes enough to pay for the collection service, so it costs little or nothing to the school. Schools have online access to weekly reports on donations and lapsed donors through a web portal.


Method of payment

Successful applicants will be able to claim their grant on production of the information detailed in their application. This will be in two stages; half on production of the base data and half on production of the evaluation data. (Grants will be paid by BACS so please make sure we have your bank details).