E-Safety Inspection Guidance


A number of schools have been in touch recently about impending Ofsted e-safety inspections so we thought we'd put together some guidance to help you ensure you are compliant.

Information about the current inspection arrangements can be found below.

In preparaing for inspection it is worth checking that you have procedures in place. The Learning Technologies Innovation Team can help you to meet some of the requirements

All teaching and non-teaching staff should be aware and able to recognise e-safety issues with high-quality leadership and management to make e-safety a priority


  • High priority given to training and continuation training to all staff, including the contribution of the wider school community. One member of staff to receive accredited training (for example: to become an e-safety officer)
  • Clear reporting processes
  • Rigorous, plain English policies and procedures integrated with other relevant policies
  • Progressive e-safety curriculum
  • Provision of a recognised internet service provider (ISP) with age-related filtering
  • Good risk assessment

With regard to reporting processess you may find it useful to refer to the incident advisor - our web app that helps you to decide how best to report an e-safety incident in school.

We have a range of resources available to support you in promoting e-safety in school including the Cyber Safe agreement available here. Those of you who are applying for the anti-bullying charter mark will be aware that e-safety is part of the award and the anti-bullying team can support you through the application process.

With regard to curriculum and strategic support to promote e-safety the Learning Technologies Innovation Team offer a range of services including:-

  • e-safety audits
  • assemblies and workshops for students
  • CEOP accredited training for staff
  • awareness raising sessions for parents & governors
  • support with developing policies
  • support with embedding e-safety work into the curriculum

All Learning Technologies Innovation Team services are charged out at the usual rate. Contact us for further information

If you want to explore the topic further there is a really helpful article about the OFSTED guidance here