your_health'Your Health' is the brand in Sunderland for improving communications to young people and their families in relation to key health messages (around drugs, alcohol, sexual health, bullying, mental health, healthy lifestyles, smoking, sun and sunbed safety and more...).  This work was initiated by the Children's Trust and will link to improving key health outcomes around Risk and Resilience.


A dedicated website will offer 15-24 year olds:


- Information on Sexual Health including how to get FREE Condoms, Chlamydia, Pregnancy Tests, Emergency Contraception

- Information on Stopping Smoking and about the effects of Alcohol, Drugs & Substances

- Advice on how to stay Fit and Healthy

- Details about accessing Health Services in Sunderland and further afield

- The opportunity to take an on-line Health Check or try out some cool interactive Health Tools

- Information on their rights, about services being confidential and what things a young person can consent to


It will also offer parents and carers advice on the tricky questions young people ask as they approach the teenage years. 

Teachers and other professionals will able to use this site as a means to sign post young people to information as well as being a source for a range of health resources.