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  1. Kim Dotcom says New Zealand is liable for destruction to his business and property.
  2. The pornographic magazine wants damages for linking to an alleged pirated gallery of centrefolds.
  3. Tim Cook criticises social media as providers face demands for tougher regulation.
  4. Two-thirds of Britons think platforms like Facebook and Twitter should be more tightly regulated, according to a survey.
  5. Amazon opens its first grocery store without cashiers to shoppers in Seattle on Monday.
  6. The European Union says that 70% of material deemed to be offensive is removed within 24 hours.
  7. Nation-state malware dubbed Dark Caracal uncovered by security researchers.
  8. About 40,000 customers of OnePlus could have had card details stolen in the attack by cyber-thieves
  9. The Post Office came out worst for landline services and Vodafone worst for mobile services.
  10. A South Korean consumer group has filed a complaint against Apple over iPhone slowdown.
  11. The problem can knock out home networks by overwhelming routers with data surge, it said
  12. Singer Chrissy Chambers describes how her life changed when her ex posted an explicit video online.
  13. Travis Kalanick is selling shares worth $1.4bn as a consortium invests $9.3bn in Uber.
  14. A range of concept cars and trucks are showcased at the 2018 Detroit motor show.
  15. Buses carrying Apple and Google employees to work have been targeted while en route.
  16. The force says the home app is being used to tell "the public about important neighbourhood issues".
  17. The chip-maker says the patches it has issued to fix two security flaw can cause further problems.
  18. Labo will turn Switch controllers into a piano, a fishing rod, a motorbike or even a robot suit.
  19. Chrissy Chambers is awarded damages from her ex-boyfriend who posted sexual videos of her online.
  20. American teenagers have been swallowing laundry detergent and posting videos online as part of a challenge.
  21. Only 250,000 homes will be able to access the new services - a fraction of the total connected to the internet.
  22. The video-clip platform will require creators to have more than 1,000 subscribers to feature adverts.
  23. A new campaign aims to make lessons about intellectual property infringement fun.
  24. It struck a crane that was not in place when the pilot carried out site safety check, a report says.
  25. The payment is expected to be the largest of its type following US tax code changes.
  26. A 19-year-old woman finds her location in Charleroi in Belgium and alerts her brother.
  27. The crypto-currency has nearly halved in value since its peak in December.
  28. SinVR app says it has fixed an issue which left 20,000 names and email addresses exposed.
  29. Streams were widely disrupted by a series of attacks that hit them with hundreds of toxic comments.
  30. The Asian nation has been a big adopter of virtual currency, so developments there have a global impact.