Got Apple or thinking of going Apple? Help is at hand

RTC logoLots of our schools are beginning to explore the ideas of using Apple technologies for learning. Many of you have accessed support in visioning, purchasing  and deploying the kit in your schools and have taken the opportunity to draw on the expertise of the CLC team as an Apple Regional Training Centre.


We have some great news for those you you who have already gone down the Apple route or those of you who are thinking about it.

Apple have offered us the opportunity to invite a small number of senior leaders to visioning events throughout the country.

There are some happening alongside BETT and some happening throughout the year. if you would like to receive an invite to one of these events please contact us and let us know what your current level of thinking is so we can ensure that you receive the right invitations.

During BETT there are sessions for people who have devices, and would like inspiration,  and those who are thinking of deploying devices in school.

The first event is on December the 12th at Essa Academy in Bolton. The school has a one to one deployment of iPods to their students.
It would be a very useful visit for senior managers who want to explore the benefits of one-to-one access in their school.

Sign up now for the Anti Bullying Conferences

phoneThe anti-bullying team are once again running their highly successful Children's Conferences.

The aim of this conferences is to raise awareness around bullying issues and to provide strategies to combat it for children and young people in a variety of settings.

Target Area 

Children and young people in schools and settings and those professionals who support anti bullying.  This may include school council members/ peer leaders and children who would benefit from  the opportunity of attending this conference. As spaces are limited there is a maximum of 4 children and 1 adult from each school or setting.

Read more: Sign up now for the Anti Bullying Conferences

Handheld Learning at Grangetown Primary

grangetown3webThe CLC team have been working with the highly creative pupils from Grangetown Primary. Staff wanted the pupils to to use their new IPads and IPod touches as a creative and innovative way of demonstrating their learning.
The day started with a simple question. How can we use apps as a way to create things that will help next year's students learn all about Greek myths and legends?
The students, who have been learning all about the Greeks, spent the start of the day being "app evaluators." The CLC team had previously set up the devices with a range of different apps that the children had to investigate and rate according to how good they would be a making a learning resource for next year's year five.
Throughout the morning the pupils became "app" specialists as they experimented with and reviewed a number of new apps to use for multimedia tasks .
The whole idea was to give the pupils a chance to learn for themselves and to test the claim that apps are pretty intuitive to use.
That certainly was the case and in no time at all the children were creating animations, films, ebooks and comics.
Jane Adamson – CLC support teacher commented "It was an amazing day. The pupils learned the apps by working independently and in small groups. What surprised me was how much collaborative working went on. People often assume that handheld devices make learning less collaborative but this is definitely not the case."
There was no doubt that the hand held technology day empowered the pupils to take control of their own learning. The day ended with a showcase of what the children had produced. The school hopes that the pupils will be able to exploit their new skills with the devices to improve their learning next year.
Head teacher Les McAnaney commented, " All in all, an excellent day which served to show our teachers as well as our pupils the potential of the iPod and iPad devices.
As Headteacher, I see this model – ICT consultants coming in to work alongside teachers and children – as an ideal way to introduce new technology. I now feel that our staff and children are much better equipped to make effective use of the technology, in a way which will enhance learning."
If you are thinking about using iPods or iPads in the classroom contact the team at St Roberts CLC to discuss how best to deploy and make effective use of the devices in your school.

Turn your student's parents into digital families

‘Digital Families’ is a unique by project designed to help every school
support their children’s learning through greater parental engagement.

Delivered by Campaign for Learning in partnership with the e-Learning Foundation and supported by the Nominet Trust this is a major national programme available to all schools that wish to take part. Research evidence across a wide range of studies confirms that parental engagement and interest in their children’s learning has a major influence on the child’s academic achievements. The challenge for schools is how to support their families to express that engagement and interest effectively.

Digital Families’ is a dynamic programme that will excite pupils, parents and staff about using new media and technology to support learning.

The e-learning foundation are extending an invite to every school to take part in the programme and we have set up a series of training days around the country to help schools implement the programme.

It costs nothing to take part – except your time and commitment – but the benefits to your children and their families can be spectacular.

The training days are in September but we strongly recommend registering now to ensure your place. More information is available here

Grant to fund 1-2-1 access to technology for your students

e-Learning Foundation Grant Round 17


The e-Learning Foundation is pleased to invite affiliated schools (for 2012/2013) to apply to our new grants round.  The terms & conditions are different to previous rounds so applicants are advised to read carefully the details below.


What the grant is for

The grant is intended to help the e-Learning Foundation collect data from schools on the impact of 1:1 access in terms of learners’ outcome data before and after, using their standard measures of progress. Schools will be required to set out in their application the base data they will provide at the start, their forecast of how the children would normally be expected to progress, and the methodology to monitor pupils’ performance over an appropriate period of time.


We are also very interested in understanding how the Pupil Premium is being deployed in schools and we will want to know what role it plays in your e-learning programme.


Values have been set at £5,000 for Secondary Schools and £2,000 for Primary Schools.


We also have some funding specifically restricted to schools in the following areas:

Lambeth. Hackney, Westminster, Newcastle, Gateshead, Wiltshire and Suffolk.


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