Anti-Bullying Professionals Conference a Huge Success

Conference pictureA big thank you to everyone who attended the anti bullying professionals conference and contributed to it's success. The conference report and video clips will be posted on the web site at  in the near future 

The Anti bullying charter mark registration form can be found on the same website or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Copies of the keynote speech delivered by Mark Lloyd and a series of links mentioned in the workshops are available on his blog

Links to our anti-bullying channel are here



Anti-Bullying Professionals'Conference

Sunderland are holding an Anti-Bullying Professionals conference at the Bethany Centre on the 23rd of March.

The conference is designed to be interactive and informative with keynote speakers and 6 interactive workshops which will raise awareness around bullying issues for children and young people in a variety of settings, offer the opportunity of improving practice in managing bullying issues and give an opportunity to network with other professionals who can support your setting in managing bullying issues.

Our keynote speakers are Mark Lloyd (CEOP) who will give a presentation on cyber bullying and Sunderland Youth Parliament who will give a presentation on Bullying and Children’s rights. You will be able to attend 6 workshops throughout the day:

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Take Part On The Big Dance and dance your way into the record books

big dance 2012

Big Dance Schools Pledge Save the date - 18 May 2012!

The Big Dance Schools Pledge is back in 2012. We’re hoping it will be the best  yet! In the last two years over 900 schools worldwide have signed up to the Big Dance Schools Pledge. For 2012, we want to boost that number to 1,500 schools.

The World Record 

Our aim is to break the world record for 'The Largest Simultaneous Dance Routine –  Multi Location'. It is currently held by the Netherlands, with 1,472 different locations. You can help us beat this record by signing your school up today.

The World Record attempt will take place at 1pm on 18 May 2012 – the day the Olympic Torch arrives in the UK.

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How would you like to give your students the opportunity to create artwork to be exhibited in London?

bustopsBus-Tops is a collaborative public art installation across 20 London boroughs. There are 30 red and black LED screens dotted around London, on the roofs of bus shelters.

Absolutely anyone in the world can create artwork for them, creating a new exhibition space for the public, and Public Art. To get started creating have a look at the FAQ

If you are a teacher or a student in the UK, Bus-Tops work closely with The Arts Award. Have a look at their Special Edition page to see how you can get started with a Bus-Tops Bronze award.

It would be a great IT project too as you can add animated gifs to the exhibition.

The Bus-Tops project is one of 12 commissions across the UK forming part of Artists Taking the Lead, a programme funded by Arts Council England for the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad..

Each month the project is proud to present new works from a selected artist, who will be using 10 of the 30 screens exclusively for that month, you can check them out below:

Carla Arocha + Stéphane Schraenen, Jemima Brown,Jasmina Cibic, Michelle Deignan, Kate Davis, Ian Monroe, Mark Titchner, Conrad Ventur, and Zoe Walker & Neil Bromwich


Gok’s Teens - The Naked Truth


In February there was a series of programmes on Channel 4 covering such things as Dysmorphia, Bullying and Identity. Throughout the
programmes Gok gives troubled teens advice, confidence and self- belief they need to tackle their issues and anxieties.

These programmes have been downloaded and saved onto the media server.To have a look at the media server you will need a username and password. Contact us to gain access to the media server.


These programmes could be used alongside teacher (download here) and student (download here) packs, perhaps  as part of PSHE lessons.