Latest School News From Microsoft

Hello all and welcome back from half term!  There are a lot of events and webcasts that I’d like to make you aware of, as well as some product developments and perhaps most importantly…free software!

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First Ever Sunderland Scchool ICT Supplier's Day


Shaping the technology provision into Sunderland Schools - Friday 2nd March 2012 - 09:00 - 16:00




All Sunderland Schools should now have received an invitation to our forthcoming ICT Education Services Showcase Day, to be held on Friday 2nd March at the Sunderland Future’s Pallion Centre. 

This is the first of a series of events aimed at supporting schools in Sunderland make the right investments in technology.


We have assembled an interesting set of suppliers and existing partners of the Council to provide an overview of what is an ever expanding education ICT marketplace. We're looking to give you the opportunity first hand to speak to some leading vendors who develop some class leading solutions in Virtual Learning Environments, classroom management systems and on-line learning tools.


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What are you doing for safer Internet day?

safer internetFebruary 7th is an important date for your diary as it marks 'Safer Internet Day 2012' which promotes safe, responsible use of the internet and mobile devices to young people.

The e-Learning Foundation is a major supporter of this event and is keen to ensure that as many schools, parents and pupils are aware of it, what it is about and what resources are available.

Resources are available for Parents, children and teachers as well as packs specifically for Primary and Secondary schools.

All of this information is available from their website at:


Important information if your school has radio mics or in ear monitors

radio micRadio Microphone frequencies will change at the end of 2012

The UK government announced last year that they were selling off the frequency bands used for radio microphones and moving the frequencies for this use. This was set to happen at the end of September this year, the latest news is that a short reprieve has been given and the switchover will now happen at the end of December 2012.

How will this affect me?

This is going to effect a great many people, including Schools, Pubs, Clubs, Churches, in fact almost everybody who owns a radio microphone.  You will need to check your equipment operating frequency ranges, which can normally be found printed on the transmitter and receiver, against the legal frequency bands

If your equipment is able to operate in the licence free spectrum (863MHz - 865MHz) you will be able to continue using it, providing you tune your system to one of the legal frequencies.

However if your equipment is not able to operate in this range you may need to replace your equipment.

The best plan is to check with the website of your equipment manufacturer to find out whether your devices can be operated after the changeover.

The good news is if you own Sennheiser G2 evolution equipment, as many of you do.  It can still be used, provided you retune your systems to use one of the legal frequencies.

These are:-

Channel 1 - 863.100MHz

Channel 2 - 863.500MHz

Channel 3 - 864.300MHz

Channel 4 - 864.900MHz


I have made a label you can attach to your equipment to remind users of the frequencies that can be used after December 2012 - see download below.

If your equipment is not compatible it will have to be replaced by the end of the year. The government were operating a compensation scheme for users who have to change their equipment but sadly this has now ended.

There is some really useful guidance on the Shure website here

Sunderland Glass Centre

Animated art club in the heart of glass

Animated art club in the heart of glass

Released: Wednesday 11th January 2012 at 15:34

A new art club which will help inspire children aged seven to fifteen launches at Sunderland's National Glass Centre this Saturday (January 14) giving an introduction to animation and puppetry.

Two new art clubs, The Cre:ART Club and the SPECTRUM Digital Art Club will give young people hands-on experience with staff and students from the University of Sunderland in these two exciting crafts.

The Cre:ART Club runs every Saturday from 10.30am-12.30pm at the National Glass Centre. The 12 week project, for ages 7 to 14 years, will give children the chance to design and make their own puppets, while gaining hands-on experience of contemporary art.  The course costs £4 per session or £3.50 per session, for a block booking of 6 or more sessions.  To register, simply come along to the club at 10.15am on the day.

More information here: