Learning Technologies Innovation Team

Learning Technologies Innovation Team abstractThe Learning Technologies Innovation Team was set up after the closure of the City Learning Centres to provide continuing support for schools to make effective use of ICT for teaching and learning. Mark Lloyd & Jane Adamson continue to work closely with schools in the city and around the country.

Mark and Jane are expericned teachers who over the years have gained accreditation in a number of areas. Because of this we are able to offer you the highest quality support. We work on a cost recovery model so the team is only able to exist thanks to the subscription fees paid by Sunderland schools. We are proud to say that this means that the service is truly owned by you. Whether you buy in or nit we can work with you but naturally our subscribers get the gold standard from us. If you want more information on the benefits of subscribing take a look the the article below.

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E-Safety Inspection Guidance


A number of schools have been in touch recently about impending Ofsted e-safety inspections so we thought we'd put together some guidance to help you ensure you are compliant.

Information about the current inspection arrangements can be found below.

In preparaing for inspection it is worth checking that you have procedures in place. The Learning Technologies Innovation Team can help you to meet some of the requirements

All teaching and non-teaching staff should be aware and able to recognise e-safety issues with high-quality leadership and management to make e-safety a priority


  • High priority given to training and continuation training to all staff, including the contribution of the wider school community. One member of staff to receive accredited training (for example: to become an e-safety officer)
  • Clear reporting processes
  • Rigorous, plain English policies and procedures integrated with other relevant policies
  • Progressive e-safety curriculum
  • Provision of a recognised internet service provider (ISP) with age-related filtering
  • Good risk assessment

With regard to reporting processess you may find it useful to refer to the incident advisor - our web app that helps you to decide how best to report an e-safety incident in school.

We have a range of resources available to support you in promoting e-safety in school including the Cyber Safe agreement available here. Those of you who are applying for the anti-bullying charter mark will be aware that e-safety is part of the award and the anti-bullying team can support you through the application process.

With regard to curriculum and strategic support to promote e-safety the Learning Technologies Innovation Team offer a range of services including:-

  • e-safety audits
  • assemblies and workshops for students
  • CEOP accredited training for staff
  • awareness raising sessions for parents & governors
  • support with developing policies
  • support with embedding e-safety work into the curriculum

All Learning Technologies Innovation Team services are charged out at the usual rate. Contact us for further information

If you want to explore the topic further there is a really helpful article about the OFSTED guidance here

FREE Contemporary Dance Workshop

Available to secondary schools in the North East Region until May 2014

Dance City’s Centre for Advanced Training would like to offer secondary schools in the North East of England a FREE contemporary dance workshop.  We are offering these workshops to young people who are interested in dance and who are in Years 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 or 11 (10 – 16 years of age).  It is not necessary for participants to have any previous dance experience.

The purpose of offering these workshops is to scout for talented young people in the North East, who may have the potential to audition and gain a place on the Advanced Training Programme in contemporary dance. The Dance City Centre for Advanced Training offers world-class, professional dance training to young people from the North East region. This training programme is financially supported by the Department for Education meaning many students do not pay tuition fees.

More information regarding the Dance City Centre for Advanced Training and our offer to schools and young people in the North East can be found here:

If you are interested in a talent scout coming out to your school then please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This is a fantastic opportunity which we would like all young people in the North East to be able to be aware of.  Please help us to spread the word and offer this opportunity as widely as possible by letting us come into your school and work with your students.  Our only requirements are that the students we work with are interested in dance and are aged between 10 – 16 years old.  No previous dance experience is necessary.

Debbie Waistell
Dance City CAT Recruitment Team
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Please note, my CAT working days are Thursdays and Fridays.

Anti Bullying week




As part of anti bullying week, the Powerpoint from the anti bullying conference has been made available.

The PPT is available here







E-Safety Resources ready for Anti-Bullying Week

3601525070 78444c9087 mAs you know we are always on the lookout for resources to help keep our children safe when they are online.

In the run up to Anti Bullying Week you might want to have a look around some of new resources available to support you.

 Check out some of these:-

  • Through the Wild Web Woods is a game that helps children to understand their rights and responsibilities online.
  • On old one - but still an excellent resource - is the Childnet cyber bullying film you can view it on YouTube here
  • Webcam with confidence is a new resource from CEOP
  • Help older children understand how giving out information can put them at risk - 6 Degrees of information

 Also remember that Anti Bullying Week is an ideal time to send out the Cyber Safe Agreement to your students.

You can access it and all of our other resources here

If you want to discuss e-safety in your school the Learning Technologies Innovation Team are happy to help.

We have 12 years experience of supporting Sunderland schools to keep safe online we have a range of services to help you stay up to date with e-safety in your school contact us to discuss:-

  • CEOP whole staff training
  • Assemblies on the topic of avoiding Cyber Bullying and Responsible use of Social Media
  • E-safety audits in preparation for OFSTED or ICT Mark
  • Bespoke intervention to deal with specific issues
  • Delivering conference keynotes on the topic of Cyber Bullying and Online Safety
  • Providing support in launching the cyber safe agreement in school