Pound-symbolCost of instrumental music lessons varies from school to school.  Some subsidise the full cost of lessons whilst others ask for parental contributions.  Information on charging policy is available from schools.

There is usually no charge made for participation in choirs, bands and other ensembles.

The Sunderland Music Education Hub supports certain groups of pupils in order to provide equality of opportunity, high standards and a wide variety of instrumental expertise.

These groups include:

*    Looked-after Children (pupils in the care of the Local Authority), who may also be able to access a small stock of instruments held by Social Services

*    In certain circumstances, pupils learning a rare instrument or playing to an exceptionally high standard

Under an 'Assisted Purchase' scheme it is permissible for schools to purchase musical instruments for pupils.  Since schools do not pay VAT this scheme can result in a significant saving for parents, who pay the reduced cost directly to the school.  Certain conditions apply.  For more information please contact the Music Development Office.