Scheme of Delegation

Scheme of delegation (April 2016)

Statutory Guidance for Schools Maintained by Sunderland City Council

This is a reissue of the last guidance updated and published by the local authority in April 2013. The guidance relates to Section 48 of the School Standards and Framework Act and Schedule 14 to the Act and can be updated as a result of amendments to The School & Early Years Finance (England) Regulations.

The Local authority is required to publish Local Schemes for Financing Schools setting out the financial relationship between them and the schools they maintain. The guidance developed by each local authority must take into account the statutory guidance issued by the Department for Education (DfE).

In making any changes to the Scheme the local authority must consult all schools in their area and receive the approval of members of the Schools Forum representing maintained schools.

 This guidance will be reviewed annually and updated when necessary.

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Scheme for Financing Schools April 2016