Sunderland Music Education Hub Board



Houghton & Hetton Area Primary Heads

Tracey Pizl

 Burnside Primary

South Area Primary Heads        

Catherine Jones

 Thorney Close Primary

North Area Primary Heads         



Washington Area Primary Heads

Colin Lofthouse

 Rickleton Primary

Infant Headteachers’ Group

Sally Collingwood

 Diamond Hall Infants

Junior Headteachers’ Group



Special Schools Headteachers Group

Emily Landells

 Barbara Priestman Academy

Secondary Headteachers’ Group

Jo Rose
Jenny Bowen

Sandhill View

St Robert of Newminster

Post-16 representative

Jane Reed 

 Sunderland College

Sunderland Governors’ Association

Jim Clarke


City Council representatives       

Amanda Gould 
Stephen Brownhill

 Arts Education Officer
 Finance Officer

Sage Gateshead

Edward Milner

 Head of Music Learning

University of Sunderland

Judith Hills

 Associate Dean

The SMEH, through its Board, will both lead and manage the delivery of front line music services and build increasingly strong and fruitful links between schools and other organisations so that increasing numbers of children and young people can participate in music education and music related events across schools, across the City, regionally and beyond.

Taking into account ‘The National Plan for Music Education’ (NPME), the SMEH Board will set the strategic direction for music education development across the membership and act as a Management Board, which is focussed on self-evaluation to inform incremental improvement against the identified Key Performance indicators. It will identify where projects and partnerships are demonstrating success towards targets and through evaluation of data/information identify emerging priorities for next actions to ensure sustainability.