Office 365 User Guides

We are gradually moving over to Office 365 as our mail prvider for schools. There are a number of schools taking part in a pilot and others will be transitioned over shortly. 

This page wil be a source of user guides and technicla support for schools using the new Office 365 System. Keep checking back regularly for updated information.

Accessing your email via a browser

If you want to access your Office 365 Account you need to go to and enter your username and password.

Accessing your email with an iPad or iPhone

If you want to use the email on your iPhone of iPad you can download the guide below. The guide explains how to add your Office 365 account to your IOS device for use in the email app.

iPad/iPhone Guide







Accessing your email via the Outlook client on your desktop of laptop

Outlook & Office365 Quick Setup Guide here

For full Office365 desktop setup please click here



Quick Guides

  • Accessing a shared mailbox (Outlook 2010)- Guide
  • Accessing a shared mailbox (Outlook Web Access)- Guide
  • Accessing a shared mailbox (Outlook Web Access - Light Version)- Guide
  • Accessing a shared mailbox (Outlook Web Access - Mobile/Tablet)- Guide