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Exciting news - From March this year The Learning Technologies Innovation Team will become Knetic Education

Mark and Jane are highly experienced teachers who over the years have gained accreditation in a number of areas. Because of this we are able to offer you the highest quality support. We work on a cost recovery model so the team is only able to exist thanks to the subscription fees paid by Sunderland schools. We are proud to say that this means that the service is truly owned by you. Whether you buy in or nit we can work with you but naturally our subscribers get the gold standard from us. If you want more information on the benefits of subscribing take a look the the article below.

Team Accreditations Include


adobeeducationtrainer As Adobe Education Trainers we deliver training in Adobe products like Photoshop & Premiere to students and teachers.

get  We can give advice to schools who are thinking of going for their ICT mark

Lead-Practitioner-FINAL We are Lead Practitioners with the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust -
We also deliver training around the country for the Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme. 

RTC As an RTC we deliver courses that help teachers to make the best use of Apple technologies for learning


As CEOP Ambassdors we are traiined to deliver CEOP accredited e-safety training



AET Schools who have bough devices qualify for free training through the Apple Education Trainer programme. You can also buy in Apple developed courses through this programme for your school.


 Given that this is a great period of change for schools, and there are real challenges faced in moving toward the Computing Curriculum, School Improvement have agreed to make a salary contribution too. We are both delighted to have this opportunity to work with School Improvement to develop the service further.

Things are really looking up for the team now, our ICT coordinators update meetings are becoming more and more popular, we have a number of schools and making use of our ICT audits, support for schools introducing mobile devices has really taken off and schools continue to make use of our e-Safety advice and training.

This is not the end of the story however, like any service we rely on you buying in for us to be able to continue. From looking at how we have operated over the past year it seems that schools are most likely to book us a month or two before they want to use us. As you can imagine this makes it difficult for us to demonstrate that we have enough take-up of the service long term. If you think that your school will want to make use of our services in the coming months please get in touch. We would also like to offer all schools a free needs assessment meeting where we will come out and spend an hour or so discussing your vision for using learning technologies and how we can support you to achieve this. Please contact us if you feel you would benefit from a discussion.

We have big plans to grow the service moving forward in the light of feedback we have had from schools. we are currently:-


  • Working with ICT leads to produce a new computing curriculum for Sunderland Schools
  • Establishing our base at Monkwearmouth School to allow us to have classes in and run CPD courses
  • Re-launching our Apple Regional Training Centre with training specific to schools who want to use Apple technologies in the classroom
  • Establishing a mobile device user group to support schools making use of iPads and other devices


What Kind of learner are you?


Take our short test to find out what sort of learner you are.

At the end of the test you will be given advice on how to make the best of your preferred learning style.

Click readmore to start the test.

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Is you school ready to introduce mobile devices?

Having been approached by a number of schools investigating the move to using mobile devices for teaching and learning we have created a web app to help you make an informed decision.


You can access the web app here

Do you support iPads in your school?

The Learning Technologies Innovation Team - in association with AT Computers are offering an IOS deployment course on the 2nd of April at the Learning Technologies Innovation Team base (110) at Monkwearmouth Academy. Please see the attached flyer for details. `Should you wish to book a place please contact AT Computers directly as outlined in the flyer.

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Multi Media Christmas Cards

christmas 316448 640

The Learning Technology Innovation Team are pleased to announce that they will be delivering

The Multimedia Christmas Card activity at Monkwearmouth Academy.

The activity is suitable for Key Stage 2 pupils. It is a whole day activity where the pupils fulfil many parts of the computing curriculum from singing songs, taking photographs, recording audio and following logical sequences, it is an action packed but fun day.There are a number of dates available.

Please contact Jane or Mark to arrange a date and avoid disappointment as places are booking up fast.

Availability is as below.


RedbyRedbyThorney Close
Thorney CloseRedbySt JosephsSt Josephs

App Licensing and School iPads

apple-ipad-mini-prWhen your school makes the move to mobile devices and buys a set of iPads it is important that you understand that setting them up in a school is different to setting them up for use at home.

At home you take your shiny new iDevice and connect it to iTunes. With iTunes and the app store you can share the apps you purchase between all of the devices you own up to a maximum of six. Apple also allow you to use Family Sharing so that other members of your family can share a single iTunes account. With Family Sharing its much easier for you to manage which apps your family have on their devices - particulalrly useful if you have young children with a device each as you only have to purchase their favourite apps once. You could even set up one device - save a backup to iTunes and restore it to another so that the apps and setup of both devices is identical. 


Things are very different if you are a school. If you buy iPads for use in school you could technically use the same route as if you were a family but your apps wouldn't be licenced. Much in the same way as you can't use  home licence for windows on your PCs.

In schools you must ensure that you have a copy of every app for every device that will have that app installed. The way you purchase apps is through something called the Volume Purchasing Program.

Once your school has registered for VPP and added your credit card details into the system you can purchase app licenses to use in school. The good news is that if you buy 20+ apps you will get them at a  discount. This typically runs at around 50% of the original price. 

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