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I'm with Sam

Working with the P.S.H.E Association, Dimensions has developed free #ImWithSam learning materials to tackle autism and learning disability hate crime in the classroom. You can download the materials used at the professional's conference from Dimensions here

Beverley's Story

At the Anti-Bullying Children's Conference, Sunderland People First ran a workshop highlighting the abuse faced by adults with learning difficuluties.

They have kindly agreed to share the video and a booklet explaining how to use it in your classroom so that you can run it yourself.



Anti-bullying Facilitation notes - final version

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Anti-bullying (Beverley's story)

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A poem to share by Alfie Reay

Some Noise,

Stand up, 

Don’t be shy, 

Speak out, 

Don’t cry. 

When bullying occurs, 

It’s like a scary ride, 

Don’t you know

It hurts inside. 

Your happy feelings, 

Sadly die, 

When you don’t want to wave them, 

A hurtful goodbye. 

Make some noise, 

And stop this disaster, 

Make some noise, 

And see what happens after. 

You’re shy, 

You cry, 

All you do is look in the sky 

You wish, 

For a fish, 

To be your best friend. 

You need to speak, 

It’s time to tell, 

And hopefully, 

It will all work well. 

The bullies call you, 

A lot of names, 

But I’ve noticed, 

It’s always you who gets the blame. 

Make some noise, 

And stop this disaster, 

Make some noise, 

And see what happens after. 

They always say, 

You’re in with the losers, 

Your mother asks, 

Why have you got bruises.

Anti Bullying Home Page


Welcome to our new look anti bullying website which we have designed for anti-bullying leads in settings, schools, young people, parents and any other interested parties. Where they can find support, resources and inspiration to support the anti-bullying agenda across Sunderland
In Sunderland we are striving for consistency of response to bullying across the City to support this objective we have the anti-bullying charter mark details of which and a list of the schools/settings that have achieved the charter mark can be found by clicking the charter mark tab.

Every year we hold conferences for both children and professionals, celebration events, training the trainer sessions and charter mark training sessions. photos and details of these events past and present can be found by clicking on the events tab
Numerous anti bullying leads and anti-bullying teams have requested a forum where they can post photos of their individual events and share good practice so we have built this into our site just click on events and there will be a section there eventually so you can get posting we want to hear from you.
If you require any advice on anti-bullying policies, procedures, practices or issues please get in touch with Sunderland's anti bullying coordinator Dorothy Maddison.

Let's keep tackling bullying – together !