iPad Apps for Education



This is the answer to the question "How to I give my students work to do on the iPads, collect the work and give feedback?" I was so excited when I saw this demonstrated and I really feel it is key in transforming your teaching withe the iPad

Assign - Distribute your assignments, instructions and resources to your students in a few taps.

Collect - As your students submit work, Showbie keeps everything organized in a single, convenient location.

Review - Add annotations, voice notes and text notes directly onto your students’ work in Showbie.

It costs - The app is free and the basic showbie service is too. You get a 100 assignment limit on the free version with teacher plans at $10 per month. Better still get your school to sign up for an account.

Why we like it - It solves the problem of getting work on and off the iPads in a way that transforms teaching

iCan Present


We loved I Can Present on a desktop machine as it does green screen, autocue and video capture in one bit of software. We were really excited when we heard there was going to be an app. Its not as whizzy as the desktop version, and its front camera only so quality is not amazing but it does have a lovely autocue feature which is a real benefit to students who are doing a piece to camera.

It costs £2.29 and is availble for iPhone and iPad

Why we like it - Having the text in your eyeline really helps your students to speak directly into the camera, giving more professional looking reults.