Your NQT Year

What to Expect During Your First Year of Teaching

During the induction period an NQT must receive:


  • A reduced timetable (in addition to statutory 10% planning, preparation and assessment time.)
  • Adequate support – The statutory induction guidance for example suggests all NQTs should have a designated Induction Tutor.
  • A personalised programme of professional development activities including regular observations and feedback.
  • Regular reviews of progress towards meeting the Teachers’ Standards.
  • A named contact outside school or college with whom they can discuss any concerns that go beyond the school/college, or are not addressed internally. This named contact will normally be someone within the local authority who is not directly involved in monitoring or supporting the NQT, or in making decision on satisfactory completion of induction. 


NQT-KS2---18In addition to an NQT’s duties, supervision, and the conditions under which they work must enable there to be a fair and effective assessment of the NQT’s conduct and efficiency as a teacher.  An important element of this is ensuring that their post is suitable for induction.  A suitable post provides an NQT with the tasks, experience and support that will enable them to meet the Teachers’ Standards, and which doesn’t make unreasonable demands on them.

 As well as the traditional three terms full time work, NQTs can complete induction with different work patters to serve a period of 195 days, equivalent to three terms.  In some cases the AB can reduce the period of induction from 195 days. 

If you have any queries regarding this particular route please contact the AB Induction Co-ordinator on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or AB Admin Officer 

As an NQT You should


  • Engage fully in the process of evaluating your own progress and identifying strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Express any concerns about your induction to the Induction Tutor, Headteacher/Principal or LA Induction Co-ordinator (Rasheda Khatun).  The AB also offers independent mentors for NQTs who need to speak to someone outside of the NQT induction system.
  • Keep a record of any professional development, monitoring and assessment events you attend during your induction period.
  • Be familiar with the Teachers Standards against which your capability will be assessed and should ensure that your teaching meets these standards.