NQT Managers - Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit on the number of days missed through sickness absence or other ad hoc absences?

Yes, the induction period is automatically extended, prior to completion, when an NQT’s absences total 30 days or more.  The induction is extended by the aggregate total of absences eg if they are absent for a total of 35 days, the extension will be for 35 days.


Can the length of the induction period be reduced?

Yes, but only under special circumstances and in agreement with your Appropriate Body who have discretion:

  • to reduce the length of the induction period to a minimum of 65 days in recognition of previous teaching experience.
  • to reduce the prescribed induction period by up to 29 days to take account of ad hoc absences.

In both cases schools will need to liaise with their Appropriate Body in advance so that the eligibility and appropriateness of reducing the induction period can be considered and agreed.


When sending electronic NQT assessment forms to the Appropriate Body – why do the Headteacher, Induction Tutor and NQT all need to be cc’d into the message?

As electronic forms come to us unsigned the cc’s stand in their place.  It is the responsibility of the school to make sure all parties receive and agree the contents of the form and the Appropriate Body to make sure the school provides them with evidence of this agreement.

If an NQT is in their final induction period, receiving an incomplete form may have an effect on when their information is sent for validation by NCTL.


Is it important for NQTs to have an induction action plan?

Yes, it is recommended that an element of the NQT’s personalised induction programme includes an action plan in each assessment period which identifies their objectives, together with the support that is planned for them.  This information should be recorded, using an appropriate format.


What CPD is available for NQTs

All CPD can be accessed by logging on to www.sunderlandschools.org then clicking onto training hub and then course bookings.  For those schools using Sunderland LA as their Appropriate Body we provide three free half day training sessions for NQTs and at least three free twilight update sessions for Induction Tutors. 

There is also a dedicated area for NQT information on the website mentioned above.  Once you open this website please go to information and then NQTs.  This contains details of training courses, downloadable forms, deadlines for return of assessment forms plus other useful information for NQTs and Induction Tutors.


How long must induction last and how is it calculated?

Normally, an induction period lasts for three terms.  However, there are variations to this dependent on the start and finish dates, length of contract and part time working, these may need more detailed explanation (see paragraph 2.27 of the DfE guidance).  If the NQT starts on a full time basis in September, assessments are sent in towards the end of each term. However, if the NQT is less than full time or starts at other points during the year, the school will need to ensure that the NQT is at the school for at least 13 weeks continuously and will need to send in assessment forms every 65 school days (not holidays) worked. If the Full Time Equivalent (FTE) is changed, please advise your contact person at the Appropriate Body immediately so that the data can be changed.


What happens if the school fails to register an NQT with the Appropriate Body?

There may be a delay to the start of the induction period (see paragraph 2.24 of the DfE guidance). 


Can a newly qualified teacher begin induction if they haven't passed the skills tests?

No. QTS is only awarded when trainee teachers have successfully completed all aspects of initial teacher training, including passing any necessary skills tests. Any induction undertaken prior to gaining full QTS does not count.